Sometimes, all we need is just to get started, a push in the right direction. There’s nothing more frustrating than going down a path that turns out to be a dead-end. So instead of attempting the journey, we hesitate because we don’t want to waste our time and effort. But to paraphrase Lao-Tze, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

(I’ve always wondered how I could work that beautiful thought into an IT blog – there you go!)

IT projects are no exception – there’s a lot of cool stuff out there, but organizations don’t always have the time, know-how and energy to start down a path. We get that. That’s why we’ve put together a series of programs to get customers started quickly and efficiently with some Novell solutions. We call it our :Advantage program, and so far we’ve got four of them ready to go:

  • vibe:Advantage – our most successful program to date. This engagement gets customers up and running with Novell Vibe, a fantastic enterprise collaboration solution.
  • nsd:Advantage – so you’ve fired up Novell Service Desk, and now you’re staring at it and thinking, “Now what?”. That’s fine – this engagement will help you get started!
  • dsfw:Advantage – for existing Open Enterprise Server customers needing an Active Directory domain for their environment, you’ve already got one! It’s called Domain Services for Windows and uses your eDirectory to provide AD services. Works great!
  • zmm:Advantage – BYOD is here and kicking at your door, so deal with it! Find out how with ZENworks Mobile Management.
  • filr:Advantage – your files, from anywhere, on any device, in your own private cloud! (Coming soon)

Apart from the dsfw:Advantage engagement, which is done remotely, all the engagements include one week on-site, all expenses included. This makes it easy to get approval – one flat fee, no receipts to deal with after the fact!

For more information, click the link below to download our flyers!


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