• Office365

    If your organization is considering moving to Microsoft Office365 to provide cloud-based services, the Adaris team of consultants can advise you on the best plan for your needs, we can provide license purchase services, as well as implementation, migration and training services. Office365 provides business-class IT services that are easy to administer and accessible from… [Continue Reading]

  • File & Storage Management

    It seems like such a 90’s thing to talk about, but “files” still account for a lot of the data on a corporate network. All those documents that your users create: Word, Excel, Visio, whatever…they’re all over the place. In their personal directories, in department shares, or even in ad-hoc folders that they’ve asked you… [Continue Reading]

    File & Storage Management
  • Mobility

    When it comes to Mobile Device Management (MDM), IT and users have different ideas: What IT wants What users want There is no doubt that┬ámobile devices increase user productivity, so IT needs to get moving and adopt a new paradigm that will give their users what they need and want to get their job done… [Continue Reading]


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