Implementing traditional collaboration and document management tools can be a time consuming and frustrating experience – we have seen companies struggle with other solutions for years before finally throwing them out with nothing gained! Novell’s VIBE enables employees and your unique business community to access, share and preserve your most precious commodity: your corporate knowledge.

vibe:Advantage is a consulting program that takes the complexity and frustration out of what should be a fun, exciting and innovative project! Our seasoned professionals will work with your team to first chart out the unique business processes that can be addressed with VIBE allowing the installation and implementation to be as smooth as possible.

The program includes one week on-site with one of our engineers; topics and tasks that can be covered during that time can include:

  • Server installation and configuration – we can help you get your Vibe services up and running quickly so you can start using it as soon as possible.
  • Overview of use cases for Vibe – we’ll show you how we use Vibe internally to keep track of projects, consolidate everything we know about our customers, manage license renewals, etc.
  • Review – review your current configuration and use.
  • Brainstorming – meet with your different departments to get ideas about how Vibe could be used in your organization.
  • Training – organize training sessions for your users, or more technical subjects for your IT department and power users.

Customers who own Novell Open Workgroup Suite are now entitled to the power of Novell’s collaboration tool and we are here to help you kickstart your VIBE!

Find out how you can get started with Vibe quickly and efficiently, open up new channels of collaboration for your organization and start collaborating intelligently.

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